Fresh Food On A First Name Basis

Weaving together individuals, chefs, farmers and food 

“Working with living creatures, both plant and animal, is what makes agriculture different from any other production enterprise. Even though a product is produced, in farming the process is anything but industrial. It is biological. We are dealing with a vital, living system rather than an inert manufacturing process. The skills required to manage a biological system are similar to those of the conductor of an orchestra. The musicians are all very good at what they do individually. The role of the conductor is not to play each instrument, but rather to nurture the union of the disparate parts. The conductor coordinates each musician’s effort with those of all the others and combines them in a harmonious whole. Agriculture cannot be an industrial process any more than music can be.”

― Eliot ColemanThe New Organic Grower: A Master’s Manual of Tools and Techniques for the Home and Market Gardener

Convenient Pick Up Times

Eating local doesn’t have to mean quiting your job and starting a farm. Our CSA is happy to bring the food to you with CSA pick ups in the City of Edmonton.

Protecting Your Health and The Environment

We know how it feels to wish for food sources that value the land, water, and air as much as we do. That’s why we are farming. The environment, healthy clean food, and healthy whole people are the three roots of our biodynamic farm.

Experience Your Local Foodshed

Becoming a locavore is a step by step process. Our members are ready to bring their lifestyle home and make local eating a central part of their food experience.

Year Round Fresh Food

Living this far north means we are left craving local, fresh food through the winter and shoulder seasons. We get to work early in the year, and keep farming late into the year with our Spring and Fall 8 Week CSA Shares