16 Weeks Of Fresh Food For You


Tapestry offers two 4-week sessions & an 8 week summer session of seasonal vegetable subscriptions designed for a couple or for a small family. Each share consists of 12-15 items varying from week to week but including fresh greens, root vegetables and herbs.  A good week could include $45.00 worth of vegetables for an upfront investment of roughly $30.00.

The 4-week spring session begins June 1st and goes until the end of June. Summer session goes from July 1st until the end of August and our fall session runs from Sept 1st until the end of September. Discounts are available for members who commit to multiple sessions and pay in full.  While Tapestry itself is located 80km east of Edmonton, pickups will be available Monday or Thursday evenings at 6 pm & space has been generously donated by our friend’s at Situation Brewing conveniently located just off of Whyte Ave in downtown Edmonton.

Spring Veggie Share – $120 (4 weeks of seasonal veggies)

Summer Veggie Share – $240 (8 weeks of seasonal veggies)

Fall Veggie Share – $120 (4 weeks of seasonal veggies)

Sign up for all 3 seasons and receive an 80 dollar discount.

The first time I ever heard of a CSA business model was back in Ontario. Sometime around 2010 Ruth Klassen turned to memberships in order to save her artisanal cheese making business. Members paid upfront to supply the funds needed to keep her in business and in turn they were guaranteed a specified value of cheese annually for the next five years.

                It didn’t just keep her afloat; it launched her business into a whole new level. Ruth is consider a poster success story for subscription based small business and value added food products.  Her cheeses are in high demand across the GTA and southern Ontario, fetching a fair price for small batch sheep, goat and cow’s dairy products and she commands an incredibly loyal customer base that includes some of Toronto’s most famous chefs alongside foodies and discerning farmer’s market shoppers alike.

                The CSA model of marketing is pretty straight forward; the idea behind it lies in establishing a cash flow for producers when they need it most; at the beginning of a season or at the startup of a business. Recently, with the explosion of crowd funding sites like gofundme.com, more and more people are aware of the benefits and the viability of the model.

                I believe that the shortest link between producer and consumer is the best food chain. With each additional middleman added to the chain the producer and consumer alike give up something in the trade.

                Furthermore, the CSA model is an excellent way to distribute risk across a broader area; inclement weather, pest outbreaks or injury are borne across the entire membership rather than on the producer alone; during bad times the membership pulls together and bears the brunt of it collectively. During good times – the benefits are shared equally for all.

 In our case, our membership costs are based on an estimated value of $30.00 a week but we are planning for a harvest for $45.00 worth of produce, anticipating that some crops may not be ready. If they are ready and we don’t suffer any losses then our members will receive those extra items at no extra charge as a way of saying thank you.


Our CSA Crates